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1. Cash payment

– For your convenience we accept cash payments.

– Payment to the courier at the time of the delivery.

2. Credit card payment

– Quick and safe way to pay for your items by bank card.

– This method offers instant payment for your items.

– Payment by bank card is possible only if the bank issuing the card you are using is participating in the safe online banking program (“MasterCard”, “SecureCode” or “Verified by Visa”).

3. PayPal payment system

– Safe payment for your items by way of PayPal payment system.

– PayPal payment system provides you the opportunity to safely pay for your items by using your bank card.

– Instant payment while placing the order.

4. Electronic banking (Stripe – PaySera – Cardinity)

– We accept payments via electronic banking, PaySera or Stripe payment systems.

– Safe, quick and convenient payment while placing the order.

– PaySera payment system provides you with various payment opportunities: by electronic money, by using PayPost or Lithuanian postal services, by leasing, at the shopping centre terminals and newsagents.

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